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Basic requirements

You are between 18 and 30, you have that certain something which makes you an actor, you do like moving in front of a lens, showing yourself up to a world where you are a good money earning star? No education needed, only your strong will.

All we like to know is

Your name, nicknames, date of birth, nationality, country and residence.
Minimum 3 photos - including 1-3x full length (frontal), 1x sideview (full) and 1x facial (close up face).
Weight, hair, color and length, Height and bust, Waist and hips.
E-mail, mobil, skype, whatsApp (depends).
Letting us know bout your next aims will help us to learn who are you.

Send your application files to [email protected]




Erotic Art Photgraphy Casting   Erotic Art Phoography Casting Models



What are you doing on erotic-art.photography? We show the human body in it's full and pure beauty, some may call it erotic, explicit or more. We call it art. In our pov nudity and sexuality are great fun and pleasure. Erotic Art Photography casts model's levels from nude-art up to - depends on how much of your experience you like to share with our members.

How old do I have to be to become a model on erotic art photography? You have to be 18 (eighteen) years old or older when it's the law at the place you live > 18 U.S.C. §2257. You have to be over the age of majority and have to have the right to contract in your own name.

What kind of models do you prefer on EAP, the more skinny, or boobie, or womanly, or? Sexiness depends not on a color or figur, it's a move.

Are tattoos a problem for you? Depends. When they are not dominating your natural beauty, nope.

What happen to my application photos? They are sure in our hands. Without your expressly written release we never publish.

Do I need to sign contract? We do need you, your ID-card and your will to sign the release on the agreement we did. Whitout this no shooting starts.

Do I have to sign exclusivley doing for you? No, We don't like oppressiv contracts for fast money. We love free moving models. Let's say, you can - but you never have to. Make us an offer.

Do I need a sedcard to apply for EAP? Would be nice if, but it's not a must, check All we like to know is.

Can I participate on the revenue of selling images / videos? Ask for our sharing ideas for longer earning money after the shooting, the most wanted is to become an affiliate and earn up to 50% on every successful deal.  

Does EAP cast experienced models too? For sure, and we will fee you from the first moment like it is reasonable. Genarelly casting works on your own risk - if you are experienced or not. Not so we do. We pay you from the first moment. The final decision do our members.

Some of many faq on the long list which reached us. Ask for more information. Check our team at [email protected]




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Interviews on modeling


Respuestas de una modelo y actriz de glamour espanola. Invitacion: Das Vroni. Director: Jay Gee. Production: Erotic Art Photography, EAP. Discover the art of Jay Gee.

Das Vroni
Respuestas De Una Modelo Y Actriz

Genevieve Gandi, erotic model, sexy star, all about adult buisiness in her view, beauty in motion, Interview Film Erotic Art Photography, cine4K movie, film, video on erotic-art.photography

Genevieve Gandi
Interview & Film "In bed with"

Thumb Suckers Backstage Interview en El Café Oscuro. Actor: Valerie Ponce. Artist: Jay Gee. Production: Erotic Art Photography, EAP.

Valerie Ponce - Backstage Talk
Thumb Sucker en El Café Oscuro